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Welcome to the home of ThalesNano FlowReact™ Search, the world’s first online database of Flow chemistry reactions.

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About ThalesNano

ThalesNano is a world-leading provider of Bench-top Flow Chemistry Instruments. Its R&D 100 award winning H-Cube® continuous-flow hydrogenation reactor and scale up version H-Cube Midi™ have been adopted by more than 80% of the top pharmaceutical, fine chemical and biotech companies including 20/20 top pharma.

About FlowReact

Heterogeneous Hydrogenation

  • Nitro reduction
  • Selective nitro reduction in the presence of a halogen
  • N and O debenzylation
  • Imine reduction
  • Heterocycle reduction
  • Ketone reduction
  • Double bond reduction

Frequently used lab reactions in flow

  • C-C coupling : Suzuki-Miyaura reaction
  • Alkylation
  • Esterification
  • Cyclization
  • Pyrazole synthesis

Hazardous reactions made safer

  • Halogenation
  • Carbonylation
  • Library synthesis using hazardous gases

Green Chemistry

The chemistry in the database complies with 8 out of the 12 principles of Green Chemistry. Register now to find out how.

Flow chemistry reactions with all parameters

The full version of the FlowReact Database with more than 3000 reactions is available. For more information please contact here

Detailed hydrogenation procedures

ThalesNano H-Cube® is the industry standard instrument for bench scale hydrogenations. Discover how you can benefit from the technology!

The reaction of the month

Each month we pick a common industrial chemistry application, optimise it under flow conditions and deliver the results straight to your inbox

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